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soothing the body and senses

It is based on the statement that water is to the body what dreams are to the soul. SPA means peace of body and mind — appropriate treatments help to relax both tired body and soothe the senses.

Did you know that...

Already the ancient Romans sooled tired muscles in hot springs, which a little later were built up and transformed into baths, saunas, thermae, etc. These places were called “aquae”, and the procedures performed in them were referred to as “Sanus per Aquam” (SPA) — “Health through Water”.

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Facial Treatments

Each facial treatment is preceded by a cosmetic consultation enabling the appropriate selection of the care treatment according to the type and needs of the skin, discussing home care and giving a sample of our cosmetics to be used independently at home. All facial treatments are preceded by thorough facial makeup removal, peeling selected for skin type, serum on which relaxing or stimulating facial massage, mask and cream to finish the procedure are performed.

Body Treatments

A wide range of massages will provide deep relaxation, which will take you to a completely different world, a world completely devoid of stress and worries of everyday life. You will relax in the rhythms of relaxation music, which is selected depending on the type of massage performed, the glow of candles, the aroma of essential oils floating in the office and the amazing atmosphere of the procedure will affect all the senses.

A wide range of services guarantees finding a treatment for all skin types, both for women and men.

Oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy—HBOT — is a method of treating diseases and injuries in a hyperbaric chamber using higher than atmospheric pressure.

It consists in giving the patient oxygen in an environment with increased pressure. Thanks to the increased pressure, the migration of oxygen particles to the cells of the body is accelerated, which increases their oxygenation, promoting their regeneration and development.

Hyperbaric Chamber

We are the only ones in our region with a one-man hyperbaric chamber!
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy acts on all cells of our body and effectively saturates them with oxygen. This is one of the most effective, non-invasive methods of health prevention and disease treatment. Positively affects the proper functioning of the whole organism, especially the brain area.
The treatment in the hyperbaric chamber is carried out under the full control of a trained chamber operator.

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