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Imperiall Resort & MediSpa is ideal for holidays with children. The area is one of the most beautiful and cleanest corners of the coast, offering an unforgettable holiday by the sea. Our staff makes every effort to ensure that all our guests experience unforgettable and relaxing and joyful moments.

Fun and entertainment

We are convinced that from the moment of arrival to saying goodbye to us,
none of our youngest guests will be bored!

2,4 ha

recreational space

3 thousand m²



have a
good time


boredom every day!

Indoor Swimming Pool

Indoor swimming pool — the only one in Sianożęty

An innovative swimming pool equipped with a modern water treatment system with a negligible chlorine content, which includes: a separate swimming track with a length of 12.5 m, a recreation area, a paddling pool for children, a slide, a jacuzzi for 6 people, direct entrance to the Wellness Zone - with another jacuzzi, steam room, Finnish sauna and brine tank.

— recreational area (main basin) 1.20 m
— swimming track 1.30 m — small paddling pool 0.5 m

Lifeguard care is provided at the pool.

Pricelist for guests from outside:

Disposable input up to 2h:

Adult: 30 zł
Child under 18 years: 20 zł

Pass (10 hits):

Adult: 200 zł

Child up to 18 years: 150 PLN

Outdoor Swimming Pool


A team of two summer pools planned for customers of all ages. For adults, there is a recreational pool measuring 15m x 8m and a depth of 1.3 m equipped with countercurrent, while for children there is a paddling pool in the shape of a circle with a diameter of 6 m and a depth of 50 cm, which is a safe zone for playing in the water. For a pleasant time for leisure guests there are comfortable sun loungers set on the sandstone pool beach. The water in both pools is heated using eco-friendly solar panels, which allows you to achieve a water temperature of up to 30 degrees Celsius in summer. All our guests can feel safe under the watchful eye of a qualified rescuer.

Wellness Zone

An integral part of the Imperiall Resort & MeDispa Pool Complex is the Wellness Zone with a dry sauna, steam bath, brine and jacuzzi. The unique atmosphere and original interior design will provide you with an unforgettable relaxation by the sea. A visit to the sauna will eliminate the effects of fatigue, help remove toxins from the body, improve circulation and provide relaxation.

Finnish Sauna (Dry)

The room warmed up to a temperature of about 95°C, with a humidity of 10%. This is how high the temperature keeps the stove with heated stones. You can stay in a dry sauna from 8 to 15 minutes, after which you should leave it, take a cold shower, dry yourself and return to the sauna. After the third exit from the sauna, you should rub the body with oil and drink about a liter of water or juice. Finnish sauna has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, condition and immunity.

Steam Room

The room warmed up to a temperature of 43-48 degrees Celsius with a humidity of up to 100%. During the session, you should drink large amounts of water. The duration of stay in the steam room must not be more than 25 minutes. This kind of procedure relieves muscle pain, improves skin circulation. In addition, the steam room has a relaxing effect and improves overall health.

Saline tedder

It is built of softwood, birch twigs and devices for pumping brine. The microclimate created around tetanus is used for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, sinusitis, emphysema, hypertension, allergies, vegetative neurosis and in case of general exhaustion.

Important information

In the Finnish Sauna and the Steam Bath, you should carry a towel (for covering the body). You should not go to the sauna with a full stomach or after drinking alcohol. The main feature of the sauna is the alternation of overheating and cooling of the body. Therefore, this treatment can be divided into two phases — heating and cooling. At the end, rest is also required.

More information at ABC Sauna.


Spacious playroom Joonglaland and in it: terrarium with a pair of iguanas Trala and Lala, aquarium with colorful fish and Pixel turtle. The room is adapted for art, technical and theater classes, equipped with numerous toys, educational games and a corner for the parent.

Interactive Playroom
Spacious playroom
equipped, among others, with X-Box Kinect on the big screen, FUN-FLOOR interactive floor with educational games and games, Chess Giants, table football and a corner for parents.

Outdoor Play World (open for the season) — closed 3-storey playroom full of swimming pools with balls, tunnels and slides, where children have the opportunity to actively use their energy, practice motor coordination, manipulation skills and integrate with their peers


  • Football field, volleyball court, basketball and lawn tennis court.
  • Fitness room equipped with professional training equipment, (For guests from outside: One-time entrance 30 zł. Pass for 10 entrances 200.00 zł. Passes will be available from 01.09.2021.)
  • Gymnasium and training room with sports floor, mirrors, puzzles mats for combat sports, mini goals and small sports equipment and audio-video
  • Outdoor Fitness Park - a combination of physical activity with the pleasure of being outdoors.
  • Table Tennis Table (Level 1)
  • Billiards (level -1) Night Club


There is an air-conditioned room with mirrors ideal for Dance, Pilates and Yoga classes. Hall with an area of: (100 m2) measuring 5.70m x 17,70m

On the equipment of the Hall:

  • professional sports parquet
  • mirrors
  • Puzzle mats for combat sports
  • mini gateways
  • small sports equipment

It is possible to rent a room for group, individual classes.


Imperiall Resort offers bicycles and helmets rental services for guests. We have new high-end city bikes. The rental is available at the reception desk and is open daily from 07:00 to 21:00.

The location of the Resort is an excellent base for cycling trips. Through Sianożęty there is an international cycle route R10 with moderate difficulty (trekking/cross), towards Kołobrzeg and Mielno. It is here that the oldest oaks in Poland are located in the Kołobrzeg forest: 650-year-old Warcisław.

We invite you to take an active holiday and get to know the charms of the R10 bike route. We encourage you to use bicycle rental services.

Cinema Hall

On the premises there is a Cinema Hall — in which it is possible to conduct a presentation or display a film.

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Hortulus Gardens

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Kołobrzeg Lighthouse

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Billiard Table

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Pomerania Fun Park

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Horse farm in Budzistow

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Multifunctional pitch

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Joonglaland Playroom

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Zieleniewo Amusement Park

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Interactive Games Room

Vacation At The Seaside

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